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Something I Can Never Have

Looking back I remember the salty tracks down my cheeks Back when I had enough in me to cry The noise in my head sounds so much like you And the happy memories wash over me, drown me, but I never die Only you can bring me back from this brink Even if I should [...]

Learning to Fly

As I spend most of my Sunday afternoons, today was spent with a little gardening and watching Sir David Attenborough talk about some amazing creatures. This weekend it was birds. Now I am not a bird watcher but there are some amazing facts to be learnt about birds, the way they live or rather survive. [...]


he breaks the spell still young and words from out this dream of life and leaves us sleeping stone rack lying consumed by phantom pains and displays of greed he slips from out this shadowland and pain where heads grow soft and grey and age destroys all hope and spirits crush the men and hide [...]


Nature can surround us in our naked bliss, But would you betray me with a kiss? I want to see the thoughts behind those eyes, Otherwise how will I know the truth from the lies? Busy, crowded, bus, car, runs, Choke your precious lungs. The woods are not taxed by Christ’s good men, I would [...]

Daddy’s Girl

  I’ll always be a Daddy’s girl, luckily I’m not spoilt, but I do adore my father, he’s my hero. A big strong man who is always there to listen and enjoy.   When I was a very young child he used to make bubbles with his hands, big beautiful bubbles. Just by rubbing his [...]

A.J.Jacobs compares Elvis to Jesus

I found this quite amusing…A.j.jacobs is a funny guy “In perusing Elvis’ biography “If I Can Dream” by his hairdresser-cum-spiritual adviser Larry Geller, I stumbled across the following conversation: Elvis begins: “Think back when I had that experience in the desert. I didn’t only see Jesus’ picture in the clouds — Jesus Christ literally exploded [...]

Adrian’s Birthday Poem

cartwheels, carwheels, cycles, circles, round and round the seasons go. Birth and laughter, giggles, dancing, learning faster as you grow. Headaches, heartbreaks, homes behind you, reap the plants that life did soe. Hold me closely, not too tightly, gentle, gentle, sweet, sweet beau. I’ll love you till the end of time Happy Birthday Man of [...]

Valentines and the Commercialisation therein

Valentines and the Commercialisation therein Category: Life I was having a quiet pint with a friend and we breeched the subject of Valentines. Their thoughts were that it was just an excuse for marketing types to make a quick buck and that people got carried away with buying things and that it had no true meaning. This got me to [...]

Why did the Beatles Break up?

It’s all too easy to blame Yoko. To be fair men will quite often blame women. Some people blame Linda. Well it takes two to tango; if you want to blame Linda you also have to blame Paul. Likewise if you blame Yoko you have to blame John. Don’t try and say that these men [...]

The poet

I am the poet. I write poetry. I write good poetry…ha I write excellent poetry!!!