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Valentines and the Commercialisation therein

Valentines and the Commercialisation therein
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I was having a quiet pint with a friend and we breeched the subject of Valentines. Their thoughts were that it was just an excuse for marketing types to make a quick buck and that people got carried away with buying things and that it had no true meaning.

This got me to thinking, is this true? Is romance dead? Do you have to spend a fortune to show the one you love you love them?

My personal opinion is that personal touches are worth far more than expensive gifts. When I was younger romantic types would put tapes together for me to listen to, I guess your modern day alternative would be an email with a file full of MP3′s. But they wouldn’t actually spend any money, time and effort yes but that time, thoughtfulness and effort weighs up as worth more in my mind.

If you have poor taste in music and have no idea what your beloved likes then you are in a no win situation. But there are other things you could do. I’m lucky I have many artistic skills in short I can quite cheaply show anyone how much they mean to me.

You could go find a bunch of wild flowers and kill them by picking them and them give them to someone, get an old cheque book and write in cheques for things your partner would like you to do to or for them (make sure you trust the partner), dedicate a song to them on the radio, cook them dinner (which might cost a bit but will be cheaper than the Ritz.

Everyone has a talent…with a little imgination, a touch of effort, some glue and some glitter, it’s easy to show someone that you care. And if you don’t really care that much but you do want the pleasures of carnal fulfilment….you need to do something.

In short Valentines doesn’t have to be about spending a lot of money on someone, if that’s what they expect then they are shallow and not worth it. Why are you bothering? If you are both quite heavily into Materialism and think love is something for naive people….go away and write your own blog..or why not reply to mine…come on I love a debate….I warn you though I nearly always win.

Valentines is a day to celebrate love, the beatles said “all you need is love” and the older I get the more I understand. To have someone to share the same old joke with, someone who knows when to back off and shut up, someone who worries about you and thinks about you but knows that you will phone and eventually turn up. Someone who can look at you and know all your faults and still want to be around you. Not just someone to joke with and f**k but someone you would do anything for, not take everything from.

I love my Boo, my family, my friends, and I have no enemies just people I don’t know yet.

I’ll admit that I like the big bunch of roses and I wont turn around and say “No please don’t cheapen your love with superficiality” but he likes to send them to me just as he likes to take me out to dinner, open the door, pull out my chair. Men can be men and women can be women without being scared of losing their indivduality, love and being in love doesn’t make you a sissy, it’s hard work but it is it’s own reward

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