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Why did the Beatles Break up?

It’s all too easy to blame Yoko. To be fair men will quite often blame women. Some people blame Linda. Well it takes two to tango; if you want to blame Linda you also have to blame Paul. Likewise if you blame Yoko you have to blame John. Don’t try and say that these men were coerced by women, because not even God would agree with you.   Woman was tricked into eating the apple by the snake but Adam ate because he wanted to and once someone had broken the rules he felt he was free from judgement but what was his excuse: 

“The woman you put here with me- she gave me some fruit from the tree, and I ate it” Genesis 3:12″

So not only is Adam blaming Eve for his mistake but also God. I can almost here God turning around saying “and if woman had jumped of the edge of the world, would you have followed?” instead he banished them from the Garden of Eden. But god has always given man the freedom of choice.

So what else is there to consider? How about the fact that in 1970 Paul took John, George, Ringo, Allen Klein and Apple corp. to court for the dissolution of the Beatles? Paul sited seven reasons for dissolving the group.

In short Paul felt that his artistic expression was being cut apart. That the management was taking large a slice of the Apple pie, Paul had been left out of important monetary discussions. The Administration of financial records was not being properly managed by Klein or Apple. The financial state of Apple was questionable at the time a sketchy account of Apple net worth was £208,000.00 with an estimated income tax bill of £341,000.00. Klein seemed to do a lot of double dealing repeatedly striking deals without the knowledge of McCartney. Joseph C. Self summed this situation up very well in this section I have taken form his account of the court case:

McCartney had several complaints with the way the film “Let It Be” was handled. He maintained that the contract he had signed in 1965 with The Beatles Film Production Limited (which later became Apple Films Limited) had expired and therefore Klein had no authority to make a deal with United Artists for the release of a film in which he appear. Further, there was a letter from Ringo Starr on behalf of Apple Films, Inc. (the American distributing Company) and George Harrison on behalf of Apple Films Limited on April 10, 1970 in which Apple agreed to give ABKCO. 20 percent of the monies paid to Apple Films, Inc. The significance of that assignment from Apple Films, Inc. was that Klein could be paid the money in dollars rather than pounds and would not have to pay taxes on it in England. The Beatles share of the income earned in America, however, would be paid through their English company. McCartney’s position was that Klein was first negotiating deals for the release of the film “Let It Be” that he had no right to do, and then was structuring the deal so as to avoid paying British taxes on his commission earned by the film.”
(Joseph C. Self   Paul vs. John, George and Ringo A legal analysis of Paul McCartney’s 1970 lawsuit against John, George and Ringo)


But the final reason given by Paul, the excuse given time and time again and phrased by Joseph C. Self “that the artisic relationship between the parties had broken down and was not likely to be patched up.”

Paul stood up for himself against the rest of the Beatles, what hope in hell does Heather thinks  she stands? I know, beside the point but worthy of mention. So those are the actual reasons for the dissolution of the Beatles, some would say that it took Paul too long…. Well what of the other ideas have been thrown up by people?

Some would say that drugs were the cause of the break up. People have raised the point that the Rolling Stones took more drugs than the Beatles and in larger quantities on a more regular basis and they are still together however it could be the case that they took so many drugs that it was impossible for any of them to comprehend dissolution. Some would say that perhaps bands like Status Quo should have taken more drugs, I’m sure their mothers love them, hell their fan base is probably largely made up of women their mother’s age.

Brian Epstein kept the Beatles together and it would seem that Allen Klein filled his pockets whist they separated. “The ironic thing is that, a mere three years later, John, George and Ringo split with Allen Klein and sued him. If Paul had bided his time, he’d have gotten what he’d wanted (the problem, of course, was Klein; Paul wanted Eastman to manage the group), and the Beatles might have been back in the recording studio in 1975.” (Bob Stahley, Beatles reference library)

Blame can be placed on anyone or anything, what do most conspiracy theories come out of? A need to place blame. If you read the facts, it becomes obvious that you have to accept situations and people change. You can still listen to the songs and enjoy them. Do that instead of thinking about what broke them up, enjoy what kept them together.

Paul didn’t want to be left out, John wanted to be free, and George wanted to be thought of as more equal. George was only allowed two songs per record, worth no tracks on any singles. With no room to express him he began working on solo projects. The recording sessions for what would become the Let it Be had been a war zone, no one was getting on with each other and between 1969 and 1970 all Beatles were recording their own solo albums. Ringo told NME in March of 1970, “Everything’s fine. I’ve got things to do and George has got things to do and Paul has his solo album and John has his peace thing. We can’t do everything at once.” George said, in the same article, “Say we’ve got unity through diversity, because that’s what it is . . . we had to find ourselves, individually, one day.”        (Bob Stahley, Beatles reference library)

Can you have enough art, passion, inspiration and favorite pens to last a lifetime? Friends grow apart, partners break up, companies dissolve, the spirit leaves the body, the smoke leaves the fire and the fire burns out.

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