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Daddy’s Girl

I’ll always be a Daddy’s girl, luckily I’m not spoilt, but I do adore my father, he’s my hero. A big strong man who is always there to listen and enjoy.
When I was a very young child he used to make bubbles with his hands, big beautiful bubbles. Just by rubbing his hands together with lots of soap and then slowly opening his clasped hands with index fingers and thumbs touching….genius.
At night he would read me bed time stories and when I was learning he would read a page then I would read a page.
On Sundays we would go to the dump together and his car tape favourites were Motown, Neil diamond and Paul Simon. And he always pointed out the ducks, because i loved to see them on Kingston pond.
He took me round the world and back again. He taught himself how to send texts and use email to keep in contact when he was overseas.
He gave me all the love he had to give, he gave me all the knowledge he chose to impart and he crafted me into what I am today.
I love my Dad so much it really does hurt.

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