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Something I Can Never Have

Looking back I remember the salty tracks down my cheeks

Back when I had enough in me to cry

The noise in my head sounds so much like you

And the happy memories wash over me, drown me, but I never die

Only you can bring me back from this brink

Even if I should say no to the next drink

Your sweet words can save this old clown

You can’t always have what you want… I want the impossible

You tried to guide me, you pushed me on

I’m not now who I was then and I’m lost

Memories of you make me want to pull out my heart

Without you I am as cold as this marble slab

And I know that this is my station, my place

What a waste, though time has moved on

You are my every waking moment, every sour taste, and every bitter sweet goodbye

I look back to those summer days and raise my collar to this winter breeze

Only you can make the sun shine again

How long till I disappear from this sane world

Help me please I am on my knees begging you

I want you, I breathe for you, bleed for you, our stains are old

Our stains are washed away, bled away and grown over

I walk away from your grave and hang my head.

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