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to be a friend

To be a friend you have to have open ears and a closed mouth (most of the time). Not many people really want to hear your judgements on their terrible situation.

You have to be understanding, offer advice without ever expecting it to be used. give love, encouragement and support.

A shoulder to cry on and the offer of a bottle of wine never goes amiss.

To be a really good friend you have to look past all the horrible parts of a person and just concentrate on that shining quality that makes that person. If they are your friend you will love them and you wont judge them.

To be a really good friend you have to be honest, but only if the friend can handle it, honesty is far too brutal for most. If they are a really good friend too they will appreciate honesty.

To be a friend is to stay in contact, it doesn’t have to be every day, but every now and then, one or other will know when it’s been too long.

You can’t grip on to friends; you need to give them space to have their own time, to appreciate your absence. It makes it all the better when you meet up.

hug your friends like you are never going to see them again, unless you are angry with them. It is ok to be angry with friends, and sometimes it is the natural death of a friendship. People grow and change, some friends can’t give you what you want or need, let them go off on their path and don’t morn the loss, there are plenty of new strangers to become friends with.

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