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Why men should not be called cunts

Women are portrayed in art and literature as the biggest deceivers, evil doers, entrapment artists more often than not…is that true? Working in a predominantly male environment I get thrown all kind of accusations, and easily interpret those made up by others who think themselves quite wonderful.
….however working with men can be tough because some of them have such big egos…such precious egos. There are those who joke about women staying in the kitchen…well fuck you I do spend time in the kitchen….can any man who can set up a network also bake a loaf of bread, well if he can I ‘m sure he’s one of the nicer males working in IT ??? can any man who is able to build a pc make a loaf of bread….I doubt it because it takes skill and intelligence to make a loaf of bread, gentleness and kindliness in equal measures to brute and force.
The cunt is the most beautiful part of the female body, the entrance to all our pleasure that so many men fail to understand/find, the exit of us all, our first exit. Sure, men can almost keep the world from falling apart, although most men have a big hand in making the world die, and don’t care because worrying about such things is seen as unmale.

I think that to phrase men as cunts is doing a disservice to the female form…which every artist would be up in arms about. Please be careful if you are calling someone a cunt…only the greatest, most magnificent heart break, a kind of man so swamped in romanticism, so humble, so adoring of women, in so much appreciation and understanding of each and every part of the female body, a man who admires women ( now there’s an endangered species)

All I’m saying is don’t waste your passionate words on wasters…..they don’t deserve the praise.

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