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Britain’s government, what’s so great about it?

Recently I was outside a pub (smoking because of the government banning smoking) with two ex boyfriends and my fiance. I said to my fiance “do you remember that night when we had that row?” I expected him to realise that I meant the last time we had been at that certain pub. Unfortunately he responded a heavily sarcastic ” that night, we had that row…well can you narrow it down a bit?” I was met by laughter from all three, I won’t say what my reply was but in truth I am a very argumentative. Why am I so argumentative…because I’m passionate, which has something to do with what I retorted with.

I had a very loud argument with one of them during the Christmas period regarding taxes and the government. I want to respect the privacy of the ex so I will call him Oscar . Oscar is British born and lives abroad. His argument was that the problems with England could be solved by higher taxes. My argument was that the British government had no idea how to spend the money they received from taxes, so giving them more would be like poking a blind man in the eye…painful and fruitless.

I am passionate about this, I’m not saying that I know everything about the government but it does not take a genius to see that they are a bunch of overpaid pigs whose first interest is lining their own pockets. What I am passionate about is the government actually opening up it’s squint eyes and taking a look at the state this country is in and righting the wrongs that it has created.

I don’t want to sound like a Marxist but that is what the British government is making me do. At the end of the day you can squeeze only so much juice out of a fruit and I believe that the government is trying to feed the five thousand with five fish and two loaves of bread, with the thinking that they can produce miracles…..(from the hard working British tax payers). In short there is money to spread but the government want to build tanks bombs and nuclear reactors whilst apologising for the lack of police on the streets, clean hospitals and cells in prisons. Whilst asylum seekers get homes, jobs and schooling for their children, English children are getting knocked up, banged up, beaten up and killed by gun or by knife. Criminals are let out and what do they do? Brake laws and kill people…..shocker!

What is being done for the physically, mentally incapacitated people of the U.K,? What is being done for the soldiers coming back from Iraq who will never, ever be the same?What is being done for the the disabled, the weak, the poor, the unfortunates? We are told that soldiers are not being fairly compensated for their loses by the government and what of those others who are not able to earn and expected to live on the stupid amount the government offers, what of them?

What of the people who have disabilities who are forced to the back of the queue because of those who have come from countries that are suffering so much? What of people forced to live in squalid conditions because all the safe housing has been given to asylum seekers.

In one week the news has told me, one baby was burned to death because of an unsafe water tank, reported but left to fail. A young girl died from being beaten to death, her parents wanted her to be part of an arranged marriage she did not want and there was no where safe for her, nothing in England to keep her safe. Three youths either shot or stabbed for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, out enjoying the evening. A woman gave birth and died because she was given an epidural into her arm rather than into the spine. How many elderly persons died this year because no hospital were watching them?

I work my fingers to the bone and pay taxes, but I expect to hear that my money is going towards causes that are beneficial to this country and those English born who need help.. I don’t want my taxes to go towards arms, foreigners and perks for the government.

What about the pensioners who are being conned out of their pensions, left with half a pint of milk and £1.50 on their electric?

The hospitals that are so filthy and the staff so incapable of their jobs people are dieing, is it just down to too little funding from the government?

What of the farmers who need a boost because of foot and mouth and bird flu?

The mentally/physically ill who have to rely on the mealy amounts of charity because the government has very strict policies on what they will contribute to. Strange that these people can’t find peace in their own minds and bodies, when they live in a country where peace of mind and safety is given on a plate to “those seeking asylum” or even those just seeking a house.

At the end of the day I am angry, I live in a country where the government is too concerned in making money for itself and being a “friend to the world” ( I use that term loosely), so that prime-ministers and ministries can take four week holidays, fly on private jets “for security”, whilst all the ministers slope around in the latest Jaguars, Mercedes, Porches or one of those great four by fours( just what you need when you are going from Parliament to Tower Bridge). The houses they live in, the food they eat, the lives they eat and I haven’t even started on pollution. Are we living in Animal Farm? It certainly feels like it.

I have in the last ten years seen taxes rise (whilst paying them) and all I have seen is the country decline. I don’t know what government can bring about the answers, and I strongly believe the problems in this country will only get worse. I will be leaving this country near the end of the year and whilst I will miss my family and friends I will not miss the hard, earned money cut off the top of my wage being pored into a black hole of the big fat pig’s mouth.

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