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Philosophy on the checkout

Indigo nights dream every sound crisp
Relishing imagery but absolution brings love’s end.
Passionate embraces
Remain passionate
Entertain tantalise
Unless ambivalence lies
Monumental assumption
So sacred in another home
Compensate understanding strange touches over move every romantic
Pain against intolerable nature, heaven eventually accepts liars
Purpose resents eventually promises often sting.
Uniformed outrage understates and devils voices out number caucus atheists
Terminating everything make innocent love lustful, entice natures ignorance
Undo malice
Culminate other urgencies
Realise gentleness
Every touch tingles, even slight.
Open purgatory, elevate, rational animals territory
Only remains yours
Because red Accelerates
And takes hand
Certain other situations
More original than other lessons only getting lazy.

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