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One Month In

so i’m one month in, i have a place to stay and a job to take up my time, to keep my mind off being away from homIe. Am I sad to be away from home? No not really, because I was brought up knowing that the things or people you love wont always be with you. And you fill your time.

I am alone here, there are lots of people here that care about me, but there isn’t anyone here who can relate to me on my level…there never was though.

I grew up alone, and I’ve lived alone, i fit my own space then mold around others, yes I am easily liked for a while because i bend. There is only so far someone will bend before they brake, i’m broken from head to toe, but i’ve always brushed it off and started again.

I don’t know how to pronounce the names here, there is actually a language barrier.

I don’t know the history of his mates, i’m out of it, left out in the dark.

And I will go on…should i rise to the occasion or fail?

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