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“I want doesn’t get”

I was brought up on the old “I want, doesn’t get”, so I want for nothing.

I was brought up not to speak back, but some times when you are talking to idiots you are left with little option, but to outsmart them and shoot them down. Too many idiots, too little time. I don’t suffer fools gladly…to be honest they royally fuck me right off.

“Is the glass half full or half empty”? Well it depends on how much I’ve drunk from it really, but if it is half empty, you better fill it up pretty quick because it won’t take long for me to finish it.

I’m feeling pretty low, but I’ve been here before.  And every time I’ve fought back. I can do that now. The thoughts of taking pills or cutting my wrists, I’ll push them to the back of my head, I’ll try my very hardest to just push through this.

I’ve always found a reason, normally that I couldn’t hurt my parents. They would be hurt and they would blame themselves. It’s not their fault it’s just the way I am. Naturally self destructive.

I’m soft and gentle really, I tare like paper, without showing.

I’ve been torn to shreds and It’s a wonder that I’m still going. I am still going though, every knock, every slap, every harsh word. Some how I glue myself back together, with very little help fro m any one else.

I am a dreamer, I have hopes that some day I won’t have to glue myself back together.

We can all have our dreams .

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