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The Story of Us…

I was a girl from a small town in England, he was a boy from a small town in New Zealand, our paths crossed by the slimest of chances. If I hadn’t have taken that holiday in 2002 we never would have met. Star crossed lovers we are indeed. He likes metal I like all different sorts of music. His favourite colour is black and mine is red. I’m a hopeless romantic and so is he.

We met in June 2002 at a mutual friends party. I was wearing a union jack boob tube top and he was wearing a blue shirt with a leather jacket. He walked in to the room with a crate of beer on his shoulder, he put the beer down on the floor and we looked at each other and I thought. “I want him”.  At the end of the party we had our first kiss. We spent the night talking until we fell asleep next  to each other. We spent the following week getting to know each other. The day came for me to leave, he drove me to the airport and I have it on good authority that he stayed and watched until my plane was out of site. I was sitting in my seat, tears leaking silently from my eyes, heart broken and knowing that with each second I was moving further away from him when I should have stayed in his arms.

There we were, we’d known each other a week and wondered weather a long distance relationship would work. We talked to each other as often as we could and in the October of 2002 Adrian made his big trip to the UK. We spent another two weeks with each other and our relationship took on a new strength. London was fun, Adrian quickly mastered the undergound and I appreciated London alot more by seeing it through his eyes.

February 2003 I came out to New Zealand (via an unscheduled stop to Tahiti) to tear adrian away from his family and friends, I was finally introduced to his family and met some more of his friends. Off we went to the UK where we lived for five and a half years. It wasn’t until 2004 that Adrian met my parents, we found that quite amusing at the time.

September 2008 we quit our jobs and said godbye to all my family and friends, returned to New Zealand and here we are, we’ve been here nearly a year and now we invite you to watch us marry each other.

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