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Windows Vs Mac’s, whose daddy is better?

Libby Brickland If you know how to fix your pc problem then go away, fix it yourself and stop bothering me, don’t tell me how to do my job and waste my time ! I HATE MY JOB.
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Austin Edwards You can fix PC problems by getting rid of it and get a Mac instead.
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Libby Brickland LOL All good points. Except that a mac is only good for doing pretty things and Qantas are all about Windows…plus they are cheap…I’d take a Kiwi macca customer over what I’m dealing with now!!!!
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Austin Edwards Mac’s are not only good for doing pretty things, they are so much better than pc’s. They are more efficient, secure, faster, etc.
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Libby Brickland I’m sure your mac looks very PRETTY on your desk ;)
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Libby Brickland oh and …

you appear to be wrong :)
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Austin Edwards Firstly, that article was written in 2004, so it’s long out of date. The video subsystem point was probably true at the time, things have changed now. I don’t agree with the point about raw speed, even at the time the processors pissed all over PC’s because of the way they were programmed. Even more so now. I know that to be true because I have seen a lot of bench tests myself. Web design and software availability, again probably true at the time, things have changed now.
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Libby Brickland We all know the stereotypes. Apple… See more’s popular commercials have painted the picture in stark terms: There are two types of people, Mac people and PC people. And if the marketing is to be believed, the former is a hip, sport-coat-and-sneakers-­wearing type of guy who uses his computer for video chatting, music mash-ups and other cool, creative pursuits that starchy, business-suited PC users could never really appreciate unless they tried them on the slick Apple interface. Then again, Windows PC enthusiasts probably think that Mac guy is a smug slacker with an overpriced toy that can’t do any serious computing anyway. Funny thing is, both stereotypes are wrong. With a 7.5 percent market share, Macs are no longer just the computer choice of artists and unemployed writers. (Apple is, in fact, the fourth largest computer manufacturer in the world.) And now, more than ever, the guts of both platforms are remarkably similar. Both types of machines use Intel proc­essors (although some PCs can be configured with processors from AMD). Both buy memory, hard drives and graphics cards from the same small pool of suppliers. The underlying operating systems have distinctly different flavors, but in terms of functionality, Microsoft Windows Vista and Mac OS X Leopard have surprisingly similar built-in multimedia, Internet and productivity applications.
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Libby Brickland so macs are better now because they use the same inards that windows use
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Austin Edwards It’s true both of their hardware architecture are getting more similar. The processors that macs use have always been better than a pc, which is why run more efficiently. A few years ago the macs would come with other hardware that was probably not as good as a PC and you couldn’t do much about it even though it is was good enough for most things, … See morethese days you can customize a mac more easily because they are being used more for things like video editing, and 3D animation where you need top spec hardware for a decent quality result. The mac OS is far more secure because of the way the it is programmed. It’s rare that you get a virus or an intrusion on a mac. A lot of banks are switching to macs from pc’s for that reason.
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Libby Brickland But generally all big companies the world over use windows. I do IT support for Fujitsu and I know that from europe to asia to america, from the air line companies,to the governmental companies to they all use windows pc’s.
In all the companies I have previously worked with the pc’s and servers purchased were windows and linux with a few mac exceptions for those in design based roles.
This is because in general people are more familiar with the windows layout and windows pcs are vastly cheaper to source than mac’s, because Apple know that Apple proud consumers will pay.
With regards to security if you have the right up to date protection then attacks won’t be a cause for concern. I’ve not tested security on a mac but it think it would be foolish to assume that they don’t need any tools for security prevention.
There are far fewer Macs in the world than there are Windows PCs. As a result, most malicious code writers choose to target Windows so that they can have a much wider impact. … See more
I’ve not heard of any banks doing this?

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Libby Brickland and I’ve done some research in to your claim which appears to be somewhat bogus…

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Austin Edwards The only reason PC’s are used more than Mac’s is because Apple made the mistake of not putting a copyright on their windows based OS before Microsoft came up with their version. If they did, Microsoft wouldn’t be what they are now and we’d probably all be using Mac’s anyway. Apple were struggling at the time, Microsoft took advantage of a situation… See more.

I’m not saying Mac’s are 100% secure, they are not. No system is 100% secure. Mac’s are far more secure than PC’s though. There isn’t that many companies writing anti-virus/security software for Mac’s for the very good reason that they are not needed very often. I’ve installed such programmes on my Mac and they have found nothing every time. I used to love PC’s, but they have so many drawbacks when it comes to security, I’ve had to re-install virus programmes and Windows loads of times on PC’s over the years. Never had to do it with a Mac though. I now have 2 Mac’s, my PC doesn’t get switched on very often anymore.

I think that article is probably only half true. It’s true there was a trojan on iLife for the Mac, I can’t find an article that goes into much detail about what it actually does. It could be blown out of proportion. (I’m not it might be nothing to worry about). I don’t believe for 1 minute that hackers can hack into a Mac easier than a PC. Everywhere I’ve worked and friend’s experiences of such things have always been PC related.
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Libby Brickland I think you will find that Apple tried to take Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard to court on grounds of using visul GUI elements but Apple were told that it was not possible to patent ideas like GUI. Also Apple got their OS ideas from Xerox anyway and Xerox sued them first. The upshot of this was that apple agreed to make internet explorer their … See moredefault browser and Microsoft agreed to develop microsoft office and other software for mac. On top of that microsoft purchased $150 mill apple stock to help them out in their financial crisis and both apple and microsoft entered into a patent cross-licensing agreement. apple are still trying to find petty ways to annoy Microsoft but it doesn’t seem like they can make anythign stick.

Mac’s are not far more secure, it’s just because windows is more common there are more attacks aimed at windows machines. It stands to reason. Both Norton and McAfee create anti virus software for macs, there is also a free antivirus software called clamXav for mac, there is MacScan and Intego to name just a few and two of the biggest security companies out there. I have used windows on my current pc for the last 4 years and touch wood I have had no problems, also my husband has been using a linux based operating system on a dell machine for the last year with no security complaints (although he switched to linux as he feels it is supperior to windows and it is was a free alternative. But he is a programmer) He’s not interested in macs to quote him “the reason Macs suck is because the hardware is overpriced and prescribed. with a PC you can buy whatever hardware you like and put whatever OS you like on it.” He also agrees with me that macs are only used by real graphic designers and people who wish they were trandy”

We could argue for days about this but it’s quite clear that you are what they call a fanboi and telling an apple fanboi that macs aren’t all that is like tell christians god does not exist.
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