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My Life Now Upside Down

Well here we are three weeks after giving birth. This time last week I was so scared to go outside with Alice, I didn’t feel confident as a Mother or even as a person who could take their baby out and show her to the world. Why though, why so scared?

OK, so breast feeding was a complete mare to get to grips with. I think we are there now but be warned it can go wrong and a baby is capable of causing a lot of damage if not latched on correctly. One very bad night Alice tore chunks of flesh out of my nipple because I had her latched incorrectly. We kept going by using a breast pump and met with a lactation consultant who taught me how to feed Alice with my boobs without causing me issues.

Now another issue we have is Alice confuses night with day, so she sleeps most of the day and is awake for most of the night. I have met with a Karitane Nurse at Plunket and she has given some advice on how long to feed and how frequently, how to play with baby and what to look out for in regards to baby being tired. Maybe the not knowing exactly what to do with Alice scared me.

I suddenly feel a little more confident, I feel like I can start to enjoy my little angel. I went for a walk with my mother in law, she carried Alice in a sling and nothing bad happened. I wanted to be the one outside carrying Alice in a sling. Maybe next week I’ll manage it.

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