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Freud’s Fantasy

   I love you, I love you   Do you remember how we met?   It was I believe kismet   I love you; yes I do…how I do   I cannot exist on the little relief   From our future belief   I love you, I love you   Do you remember how [...]

No Excuses

I’m hideously flawed, only human, only me I dropped my morals down the back of the sofa Dark room, broken soul, stole my whole Sweeter than sugar, bitter like limes I shake and vent, it’s not permanent Which lie will be my downfall I step forward, but always look behind I never knew what I [...]

Tainted Touch

You won’t love me tonight I give into you so easily but I give more to myself a lonely love from the shelf cold marble heart i own it beats slow, quick quick slow heartless some people said i’ll paint my own room red i’ve played the game fair but cheated with fake dice heart [...]

Don’t tell me no

Don’t tell me no Don’t tell me no Don’t tell me no   I don’t want to hear Have I made myself clear?   Don’t me so Don’t me so Don’t me so   I don’t want to see What you’ve done to me   Don’t tell me to go Don’t tell me to go [...]

Title: Madonna – Take A Bow lyrics

Title: Madonna – Take A Bow lyrics Artist: Madonna Lyrics Take a bow, the night is over This masquerade is getting older Light are low, the curtains down There’s no one here [There's no one here, there's no one in the crowd] Say your lines but do you feel them Do you mean what you [...]

Black Heart

pink lips, pale face ending in my disgrace Burn me, soft taste And I seem Stuck in a daydream Been this way since 18 But lately my hope seems Slowly crinkling, wasting Cos I’m just a little underhand And go mad, I don’t understand And I don’t want to go to bed tonight And in [...]


It’s fun and that’s fine you draw the line I always forget I shouldn’t accept I shouldn’t be so careless I shouldn’t make a mess I’ve chased this, why I alone love a lie you dislike, dont engage I have to turn the page don’t hate my selfish act I told you I was cracked [...]

Ed Sheeran: A Team Lyrics

White lips, pale face Breathing in snowflakes Burnt lungs, sour taste Light’s gone, day’s end Struggling to pay rent Long nights, strange men And they say She’s in the Class A Team Stuck in her daydream Been this way since 18 But lately her face seems Slowly sinking, wasting Crumbling like pastries And they scream [...]

Adele: Someone Like You Lyrics

Living in NZ I tend to miss amazing artists like this,  back on familiar soil has been rewarding in many many many ways Adele: Someone Like You Lyrics Songwriters: Adele Laurie Blue Adkins;Daniel Dodd Wilson I heard that you’re settled down That you found a girl and you’re married now I heard that your dreams [...]

About you and me

Pull out a cigerette, you take my breath away I know my pink lungs will end up grey What’s betweeen your finger and thumb? I’m numb, struck dumb it’s done Pick me up or leave me be As you want it, I’m easy Why so serious, why so angry friend? Whatever’s broken, time will mend [...]