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Faddau ‘m chyfaill

‘ch chreuau burnt i mewn i ‘m yn gwarthnodi ‘m asgre Amsera wedi addysgu ni bydew ddigon , fi m pawb ‘r bechodau Faddau ‘m angerdd , bagla chen Faddau ‘m chyfaill Ddeisyfa at bod 16, mewn barc i mewn banstead siwrnai hychwaneg namyn ai ddymuniadau were ceffylau achenogion would farchoga a ‘m fi d [...]

Poem for James from sometime ago

There was so much love, perhaps too much For the fiery bulls to banter on We looked up to the stars And saw them in each others eyes I loved those chocolate, soulful, pools Oceans and desire to grow kept us apart And brought us together I sang out the wrong song, but it was [...]


I break glass hearts I lost golden keys I forgot to leave the past broken lives, broad trees handsome, lie to me stroke the sun I couldn’t see I’m not the only one kissing cuddles stane stupid dreams die I pushed the strain don’t say goodbye I love you i’m sorry it’s true forgive me