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Darkest before the dawn…

Dear readers, I apologise profusely for my absence. I did the unforgivable and went and had another baby ha ha ha how very stupid of me. She’s the most beautiful creation since my last beautiful creation and so beautifully behaved. Alas she eats and eats and eats and I have been left with little time [...]

A Rose By Any Other Name……

My dear friend in New Zealand is expecting her second child and has started the mammoth task of trying to decide on a name, I’m sure it will be quite striking, her first is called “Aslan” as in the eponymous Lion from “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”. So far we have Blaze, Phoenix [...]

I don’t know about Jesus but I know what my Mum would say

My mother passed away on Tuesday after a very slow and steady detachment from life. People say that times like this are hard, my Mum would say “one door closes and another door opens” so one life ends as another begins. Somewhere out there a child has been created. Mum wasn’t a woman for sitting [...]

My Life Now Upside Down

Well here we are three weeks after giving birth. This time last week I was so scared to go outside with Alice, I didn’t feel confident as a Mother or even as a person who could take their baby out and show her to the world. Why though, why so scared? OK, so breast feeding [...]

Alice Mae Brickland

Dear Alice, I have carried you inside me for 34 weeks and they have been the best 34 weeks of my life so far. I have been very lucky, I have had no sickness, a little tiredness and lots of good feelings since you came along, from the day I found out I had you [...]

Tiger Titanism

Well here we are, me and Mr. Brickland are due to get married in three weeks. My head should be full or love and romance. I should be excited about finally getting to walk down that aisle, relieved that the years of preparing me are going to pay off and rewarding myself from all that hard work [...]

drunken and disorderly

It’s fair to say that there have been many times where I have been drunken and disorderly. I’ve lost friends over my fight for having a good time. Some peole can’t handle those who like to wallow in thier own self pity, their own self muck. I grew up with brothers who led the path [...]

Learning to Fly

As I spend most of my Sunday afternoons, today was spent with a little gardening and watching Sir David Attenborough talk about some amazing creatures. This weekend it was birds. Now I am not a bird watcher but there are some amazing facts to be learnt about birds, the way they live or rather survive. [...]

Daddy’s Girl

  I’ll always be a Daddy’s girl, luckily I’m not spoilt, but I do adore my father, he’s my hero. A big strong man who is always there to listen and enjoy.   When I was a very young child he used to make bubbles with his hands, big beautiful bubbles. Just by rubbing his [...]