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A Rose By Any Other Name……

My dear friend in New Zealand is expecting her second child and has started the mammoth task of trying to decide on a name, I’m sure it will be quite striking, her first is called “Aslan” as in the eponymous Lion from “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”. So far we have Blaze, Phoenix [...]

Faddau ‘m chyfaill

‘ch chreuau burnt i mewn i ‘m yn gwarthnodi ‘m asgre Amsera wedi addysgu ni bydew ddigon , fi m pawb ‘r bechodau Faddau ‘m angerdd , bagla chen Faddau ‘m chyfaill Ddeisyfa at bod 16, mewn barc i mewn banstead siwrnai hychwaneg namyn ai ddymuniadau were ceffylau achenogion would farchoga a ‘m fi d [...]

Poem for James from sometime ago

There was so much love, perhaps too much For the fiery bulls to banter on We looked up to the stars And saw them in each others eyes I loved those chocolate, soulful, pools Oceans and desire to grow kept us apart And brought us together I sang out the wrong song, but it was [...]

Lost Chance

Here follows a not so typical boy meets girl story. Boy likes girl, girl likes boy, girl starts to write boy letters at the rate that most people breathe, and boy’s not too sure what he should write to girl in reply, girl panics and thinks boy is not interested in her or her feelings. [...]

to be a friend

To be a friend you have to have open ears and a closed mouth (most of the time). Not many people really want to hear your judgements on their terrible situation. You have to be understanding, offer advice without ever expecting it to be used. give love, encouragement and support. A shoulder to cry on [...]