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Philosophy on the checkout

Indigo nights dream every sound crisp Relishing imagery but absolution brings love’s end. Passionate embraces Remain passionate Entertain tantalise Unless ambivalence lies Monumental assumption So sacred in another home Compensate understanding strange touches over move every romantic Pain against intolerable nature, heaven eventually accepts liars Purpose resents eventually promises often sting. Uniformed outrage understates and [...]

Led Zepplin Vs Libby

I hear the music, slash itself over me You wait in the corner you betray yourself with your whole lot of love I’m yours, push me down hold me down thrust me down I’ll dance for you I’ll shake for you you can be my back door man I’m your shoulder your soft breast your [...]


Tie me down to the rock and roll As the open sky sways on Slap my face with your droll If you wait too long it’ll be gone Let the clock tick away your life Don’t let your smiles die too soon You could give in to the monotonous strife Or dance in wild rage [...]

The chips, the chips

How do normal people, normal people find their way? Insanity is not the way so why does it feel so good? I saw a man once shout his name “Behold me” that’s what he said he thought he was some clergy man Enshrined in a shimmering light Give me ten thousand children To take into [...]

Something I Can Never Have

Looking back I remember the salty tracks down my cheeks Back when I had enough in me to cry The noise in my head sounds so much like you And the happy memories wash over me, drown me, but I never die Only you can bring me back from this brink Even if I should [...]


he breaks the spell still young and words from out this dream of life and leaves us sleeping stone rack lying consumed by phantom pains and displays of greed he slips from out this shadowland and pain where heads grow soft and grey and age destroys all hope and spirits crush the men and hide [...]


Nature can surround us in our naked bliss, But would you betray me with a kiss? I want to see the thoughts behind those eyes, Otherwise how will I know the truth from the lies? Busy, crowded, bus, car, runs, Choke your precious lungs. The woods are not taxed by Christ’s good men, I would [...]

Adrian’s Birthday Poem

cartwheels, carwheels, cycles, circles, round and round the seasons go. Birth and laughter, giggles, dancing, learning faster as you grow. Headaches, heartbreaks, homes behind you, reap the plants that life did soe. Hold me closely, not too tightly, gentle, gentle, sweet, sweet beau. I’ll love you till the end of time Happy Birthday Man of [...]